The option of Project Management is by far the most flexible of the 3 methods of construction.

Project Management merges the best of both Owner-Builder and Contractor, whilst still ensuring that all National Building Regulations and NHBRC laws are complied with.

  • With the Project Management option, the Owner is made aware of all the building costs and labour fees as well as the Project Management fees, prior to entering into the building contract.
  • Because the Owner pays the suppliers directly, any negotiated discounts are for the benefit of the Owner.
  • The Owner agrees to pay the labourers and sub-contractors, as per a payment schedule agreed upon prior to work commencing. This gives the Owner greater control over work done, the timing of construction work and any specialised services required.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for the co-ordination of all labourers and sub-contractors. He is also responsible for quality control.
  • The Project Management must be NHBRC registered and will only utilise the services of registered specialists.
  • Because the Owner is in complete control of payment, should there be a delay in payments to suppliers or other specialists, this could negatively impact the building progress and cause delays, which may result in labour expenses not originally planned for.