This is when the project/property Owner manages all aspects of the project. He/She will draw upon the skills of certain qualified specialists; i.e. Plumbers, Electricians etc.

An Owner-Builder may request an NHBRC exemption certificate, singularly, for construction purposes. However, it is best to be noted that most financial institutions will not loan money against building projects, where the builder, in this case the Owner-Builder, if he/she is not qualified in this field and/or is not registered with the NHRBC.

  • The Owner-Builder has greater control of his finances.
  • She/He is more hands-on and manages quality control closer.
  • Saves money which would otherwise be used to pay a Contractor or Project Manager.
  • Most Owner-Builders still have to earn a living in their respective careers and Owner-Building requires a lot of on-site time.
  • By not utilizing experts in their field of construction, the Owner-Builder may have to go through a learning curve, which could result in further unnecessary expense and/or delays.
  • *There are specialized items which may only be done by qualified artisans; i.e.  plumbers, electricians, glazing, roof manufacturers etc. Which, by law have to provide certification documentation for their fare of work in order to be compliant with the National Building regulations. Failure to obtain said certificates WILL result in the Local Council issuing a Work-Stop order or a court order for the demolition of work done.