This is when the project/property Owner enters into a Building Contract with a registered Builder or Property Developer.

The Building Contract or Property Sales Agreement, which clearly indicate the Building cost agreed upon by all the Parties involved.

The Contractor and/or Property Developer must be registered with the NHBRC and said project must be registered with them. The NHBRC registration fees must be paid before work commences or the Contractor will be liable for late registration fees and any penalties thereto.

  • The Contractor or Property Developer deals with all staff, sub-contractors and specialists.
  • The Contractor or Property Developer is responsible for the ordering of all materials to be used and for the payment to said suppliers.
  • The Contractor or Property Developer, on completion of the project, must issue to the Owner all relevant certificates required by the local Council in accordance with the National Building Regulations.
  • Unless clearly specified in the Building Contract, the quality of materials used by The Contractor or Property Developer is for their discretion. This may affect the quality of the construction and it’s long-term durability ; i.e. quality of paint, correct preparation and use of waterproofing materials etc.